Don’t spend a bundle on the room for your joy

I am sucker for cute babies rooms, and Sora Riley Do’s is no exception.  When I met Sora’s mom Holli, I was working at the Guess Store at South Coast Plaza in southern California.  Through many overnight floor sets and early morning openings I was able to really get to know Holli and see her amazing talent for merchandising.  When I am doing a vignette at the store, I am always transported back to those late nights of listening to The Police and recreating visual displays with someone I will always consider a mentor and inspiration for the work that I do today.  Holli has since left Guess and started her own wedding floral design company Twig and Blossom out of Costa Mesa, California.  Here is her DIY nursery for her new bundle of joy.

The bedding set was made by Holli and her grandma.  The simple crackled “S” over the crib is a cute reminder who is sleeping below it.

A little dresser with a simple but ornate mirror with a mommy made rosette installation above

The vintage chair was a freebie, and the images above the chair are from Etsy.  Handmade creations adorn the rest of this cozy corner.

Framed fabric is a great way to pull all your colors together in your artwork

Easy and inexpensive organization for mommy to keep her crafts close to her sleeping beauty


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