The City of Lights

Ahhh, our first trip to Paris.   Before you take the plunge into the trip yourself, you hear so many say how much they love Paris, and how beautiful it is, and that Paris is magical.  You think to yourself, either out of jealousy or disbelief,  how come all you ever hear is how beatutiful this city is.  How beautiful can an overpopulated tourist trap be?  Until you take your first steps down a Paris street,  you will never actually know how true these statements are.  What can I say, it was magical. There is an energy in this city that can be experienced in no other that I have been in thus far. I don’t consider myself to be a connoisseur on cities of the world but, Florence, Rome, Amsterdam, Madrid, Seville, Galway,  Dublin, and even my previous first place city of London, don’t quite compare to the city of lights.

The architecture and infrastructure of this city was planned so meticulously that every corner you turn there is a new delight to be seen.  Whether the shops on the street grab your attention or the delicate detail of each building that rises above you, there is always something that takes your breath away.  Here is glimpse of Paris through my eyes.

Flower shops adorn the streets with the most beautiful and intoxicating aromas for your spring morning walk.

The Rose window at Notre Dame is incredibly beautiful both inside out. I love the Gothic style churches of France

The gardens of Versailles are the most beautiful I have seen.

And although we did not slip through time, The Queens Hamlet was quite the experience in this day and age. The Temple of Love is an esoteric nod to Miss Understood and her eventual “heretical” demise.

Pretty in Pink  foliage is very foo foo.

A small canal runs through the Queens private gardens adding a sense of calm to what must have been a hectic world.

The gristmill and other buildings in the area are simple and pay homage to Marie’s Austrian upbringing.

A quaint cottage with the most delicious smelling roses climbing the pergola.

An ode to Amelie at Sacre Coeur.

The Medici fountain in Luxembourg Gardens.

Luxembourg Palace

A Parisian door. Actually outside the city in Chartres. More to Come on the churches of Paris in a later post.

A beautiful view on during our last dinner in Paris.  The door is open as if to say “come on in and live in me”

And Now for the Sweet Stuff.  Eye and mouth Candy.  Look at this display! Great contrast with the blue and fuchsia colors.

Assorted Pastries at Laduree.

We tried French macaroons at Fauchon, Angelina, and Laduree.  Laduree takes the cake, literally! They were so delicate and so flavorful. Can’t wait until they come to NYC in July.  The New York Gift show in August will be even better now!

La Cure Gourmande is a sensory overload.  These biscuits are amazing and their chocolate covered olives, OMG.  So much fun to poke around all their confections.

Wow huh?

On our last evening in Paris we had a thunderstorm and this was the beautiful pink sky before that storm.  As if the city was objecting our departure.  J’adore Paris.


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