Les Puces de Saint-Ouen

The Little Fleas.  Sounds downright dirty when you say it like that.  When you first arrive off the Metro at Porte de Clignancourt you may be thinking the same thing.  As you walk through the sea of vendors and stalls of useless souvenirs and counterfeit items, you wonder how it is possible that hidden somewhere in this mess is a treasure trove of beautiful antiques and other wonders of France. Off to the left, down the rabbit holes of uncertain alley ways,  while holding your personal items close to you body, you are curiouser and curiouser about what is unfolding before your eyes.  The view becomes softer and the energy become calmer as you begin to stumble upon les objects du desir.

I love the Industrial look and it seems as though Paris does too!

The vignettes for a flea market were very creative and had a great mix of elements.

This fabulous old buffet would look perfect in an older bungalow or cottage.  And those candlestick holders that look like Salvidore Dali-esque pitchers are very unique.

The whole look is fabulous.

Sea fans were used in almost every display.  They are so organic and delicate.

I am always drawn to big old metal letters.  The more colorful, the better.

These colors are so serene, and I love the fresh flower element.

So much industrial.

Has sort of a Tim Burton feel

The Table is amazing and would look great in a long foyer, or as a sideboard in a long dining room.


These mirrors would totally work side by side opposite a wall with lots of windows, and that bench is so cool. I never checked to see if it has storage.  I bet it does.

Big Clocks, and fun signs.

Another big old clock.

An apothecary bottle rack, complete with all the bottles.

Big old industrial pieces that I can put in my imaginary loft converted from an old warehouse

So close to bringing this home

to know where you have traveled my little bicyclette

I love this table for apartment living.  The chairs in the background are also the perfect size and style for small rustic spaces.

An old butcher block.

Old signs were in abundance Big…

and little.

The chandeliers were also in abundance.

This was my first time seeing such ornate seltzer bottles.  They must be rare at 120 Euros each.

Old Keyes

Old wallpaper

and old linens.

Another first for me.  A Louis VXI lyre style dining chair that looks like a hot air balloon, I love it!!! And in a perfect french gray finish.


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