Brimfield July 2011

Even before my mom started The Purple Rose I can remember her getting so excited every summer for the Brimfield market.  I wish I could say that I had fond memories of going with her all the time, but my earliest memory of the market is just 6 years ago.  It has taken me until this year to get back again, and I vow to not miss another market unless I am stricken to my bed.  Even though it isn’t the same as the days of old, and steals and deals are a thing of the past, it is still so wonderful to be surrounded by a mass a creativity and buzz that in my experience is only similar to that of an industry trade show.  Here is what inspired me on my day at Brimfield.

An old bike in pink with some great sterling pieces and and a distressed shutter.  Nothing says’ Shabby chic more than pink, white, and silver.

An old metal awning and rope tied art work.  I may try that concept at the store someday soon.

Pressed tin. Very cool for wall art.  Picked up a few for the store.

An old lounger brought from Paris. Wish I had a backyard.

Fun Chairs

I love old twin beds.  I imagine a beach cottage with crisp navy ticking and chippy painted pieces.

Keri of Antique Therapy told me about Painted Pretty and I was happy to find them.  Their refinished pieces were a breath of fresh air and reminded me of Bousbin’s use of glass knobs and simply distressed pieces.  Will be visiting them again in September and at SOWA.

A close up of some great small pieces

Chalkboards!! Think I’ll be doing a few of these for the store. I am obsessed with chalkboards right now!

Pick this little guy up for a jewelry display at the store.  Will update with final result.

All I want in my backyard is a viney pergola with twinkly lights

Chalkboard Love in an old door

Navy Ticking twin headboards.  SOLD. bummer

Something fabulous for my imaginary outdoor patio under my imaginary viney, twinkly, pergola.  A girl can dream right?


3 thoughts on “Brimfield July 2011

  1. Thanks for sharing your photos with me today. We can only get to Brimfield once a year. We live in San Antonio, Texas and it takes us an entire year to save up enough for the trip. I am loving that metal awning.
    It is just too cool.



  2. Hello –

    Just went to your store last week and LOVE IT! Just wondering about the iron bed in this picture. Do you have any idea how much these beds go for at Brimfield? Are they plentiful?


  3. Hi Kerry, Thanks for commenting!! These beds are plentiful in Brimfield. I can’t remember the prices, but I think they run anywhere from $400-$1000 for really good condition. The area to look would be New England Motel. Good Luck!!!

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