Chalkboard Love

So I have a thing for chalkboards lately and I’ve been driving the mama crazy trying to figure out what walls in the store I can roll the chalkboard paint on.  I was reminded of and Aidan Gray display from last summer’s Atlanta show, and remembered that I was going to do this back then.  I think it’s time to get out the paint brush.

The greenish blue hue on this is great!

Photo Via Pinterest

This is a very cool kitchen

Image Via Pretty Little Things

A very unique way to use the space.

Photo Via Design Sponge

I LOVE the different colored chairs. The same, but different.  And the chalkboard on the wood paneling is very cool.

Photo Via Decor 8

A little like what I am going to do once I’ve mustered up enough motivation to make it happen.

Photo Via Pinterest

Never have to buy a calender

Photo Via House Beautiful

The furry guy loves his daddy guy

Photo Via House Notes:

Sasha of Sweet Pickins and Show and Tell is such a talent. Her refinished furniture and accessories are very unique and created so brilliantly. This is such a great frame and score find for her to refinish.

Love notes before bed.

Photo ViaDesign Sponge

Words are not needed to describe this, it is two cute!!

Phot Via Pinterest


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