Playin Hooky

 The Purple Rose is my creative out post.  A place where I can take my inspiration and make it come alive. A place where I feel at home and like I’ve come home all at the same time.  The Purple Rose is also a retail store, and like all other retailers this time of year, it get as little hectic. I used to think that I had to spend every waking minute at that store in order for my creative juices to be at peak performance.  I have learned now that it is just the opposite.  Sometimes taking a step back, or away, recharges my batteries. And every time I take that step away and into another store, I feel new again.  And today’s stop was the big kahuna, Anthropologie.  I did go in with intentions of trying on some clothes, but my jaunt through the housewares kept me occupied for over an hour and my grumbling tummy left my hands empty, but my head full of fun.

From knobs and candles, to tabletop and perfumes.  Today was a great day!


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