Dining In Style

Happy New Year!!  I vow to blog more.  Let’s see how that goes.  Ha! I have always sort of been against new years resolutions, because they don’t allow you to set new goals everyday.  There’s always that notion of, well I just need to get through the year, or the month, or the week.  But since it is the new year and I have some new goals, I might as well share them.  More art in my life. And always, always, more decorating!!!  Let’s start with dining rooms.

I know I am not alone when it comes to big cutout letters and numbers, so that element is a no brainier here.  The Combo of the old wood and rustic metal pieces come in a close second as their combination always says eclectic to me.  But that unique old animal cage takes the cake!

Via Pinterest Room by Room on Tumblr

I am not sure what I love about this. But I do.  I’m not a furry girl, or a roses girl, but I believe it is the ethereal color palette that’s got me going on and on and on.

Via 79 Ideas

There are no words to describe that turquoise piece. Maybe Ah-Mazing. I love the contrast of the bright pink floral arrangements up against.  Plus the Rug is Birmingham Black by Dash & Albert.

Via bloom.acious

This fireplace fondly reminds me of our host families home in Tuscany.  So cozy and rustic, and right off the kitchen.  The mix of blue with the soft color palette and warm glow of the candles is soothing and inviting.

Via Pinterest Desde My Ventana


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