Nook Nook

My other passion is healthy lifestyle. Eating well, doing yoga, eliminating toxins from house hold cleaners, yada yada yada.  I recently subscribed to Whole Living Magazine which is a Martha Stewart publication and since I love that crafty guru I had to give it a shot.  This months issue has a great little spread on the nook. A place where you can create, relax, come together, or hideaway.

I have this thing for these cozy little coups and I have been obsessively collecting images of the perfect nooks and gathering them on my Nook Nook Pinterest board.  It’s soooo much more than just a breakfast “nook” or a window seat.  A nook can be created anywhere.  In an unused corner or if you have a an oddly shaped room with a strange triangle indent like my college apartment. We dubbed that space “The Nook” when we found someone curled up with blankies and pillows behind there one morning.  It became his favorite place in the house.

So you see, it can be anywhere. Here are a few of my favorites.  You can follow me on the big P if you want more.

Source: google.ca via Kimberly on Pinterest


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