Not your Grandma’s Wallpaper

So, you know that stack of magazines you walk by on a daily basis thinking, “uugghh, I really should go through those”.  And your husband wants to just throw them away but you just can’t because what if there was that one bit of inspiration in there that you’ll never see or forget all about because you couldn’t take an hour from your day to double check them.  Today was that day. And thanks to the wonderful world of the web and Pinterest, I was able to find most of them online and pin them accordingly.   Now I don’t have a stack of torn out pages from said magazines to stare at.  Isn’t technology just fab?

I am super excited I didn’t listen to hubby and I think you will be too.  I found this great wallpaper from Louise Body out of England. It appears as though it can be purchased here in the US from Stark Wall Coverings.  Maybe we’ll have to do a wall at The Purple Rose to show it off.

Patchwork/Jade by Louise Body

Orange Rose by Louise Body

Trailing Plant/Silver by Louise Body

Mixed Folk by Louise Body

Buttercup Blue by Louise Body

Old Blue by Louise Body


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