Sometimes Less Just Isn’t More

I’ve always been very independent. At times in my life when I’ve felt codependency, I didn’t feel like myself.  And I have always enjoyed my alone time. Sometimes life’s curve balls will send you inside yourself a little too far and those inspiring thoughts that once came so easily, start to get jumbled up.  You realize that view you once experienced at your table for one is feeling a little lonely.

Then you find someone to share that view with and realize life was missing something after all. You can still be independent, but now you have a parachute to catch you from falling. Someone to be your backbone and your rock when the road get’s bumpy. You realize then that life is meant to be shared with someone so special there aren’t words to describe it.

Before you know it, you’ve let more people in. People you’ve been around your entire life. You learn their struggles, their own independence and co-dependencies , their dreams, their fears, their life.  Compassion becomes a tool you never had before and you begin to enjoy yourself and who you’re becoming more each day.

I think I was always afraid to lose anything I became to close too. And while I still enjoy that table for one from time to time, The table for ten is becoming more and more inviting.

Sometimes less just isn’t more.


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