Elsie de Wolfe

A girl after my own heart. “The first lady of interior design”.  She woke america up during the Victorian era by opening the windows and stripping the heavy patterns and dark moods of decor. The first minimalist in decorating but with the elegance of softened French and English inspiration. Elsie was the producer of the chaise lounge and writing desk that we admire today as well as one heck of a party planner.  Her idea was to entertain guests more comfortably and stylishly. Forget Emily Post, Elsie was a trend setter and master of self promotion. Keeping Vogue in the loop of all her soiree’s, woman began to follow her every move, and soon her styles and ideas were sweeping the nation. Thank goodness for innovation and gutsy pioneers like Elsie.

In the ebbs and flows of decor today, we move through trends so quickly that timeless get lost somewhere in the mix.  In our culture of quick fix everything, decorating not excluded, patience for the right piece or look will always be worth the wait.  And even though I succumb to a trend here and there, I will always be a girl of comfort, elegance, and statement. I am all about letting the sunshine in and feeling the room’s I’m in rather than just being in them. Every space has a story, It’s up to us to allow it come alive.

See my source at Canadian Interior Design. A great little bio to read.


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