Crazy Days

It’s been a while since my last post, and soooo much has been happening. Let’s see… I celebrated my 33rd birthday and received the best gift a girl could get from the best mama ever. Rosetta Stone French.  Looks like “fluent by forty” is becoming a reality.

Then I was off to the Brimfield Market.  I got a really cool factory cart for the store and I have not taken a photo of it yet, but I promise to get that up for you very soon.

For another bday celebration, I saw Ingrid Michaelson at The House of Blues, Boston.  I haven’t been to a concert in almost 10 years. In fact I can’t actually remember the last one, but  I think it was Ani DiFranco at the Meldoy tent. Any ways, Ingrid was awesome.  What a great voice!  She is such a knucklehead too.  She had me giggling the whole evening and it just really made my week to be in her presence.

We finished up this week with The Purple Rose’s 7th annual tent sale.  The weather was perfect, the crowds were lovely, and the store is ready for some fresh fun finds.  Too bad I was too pooped to check the yard sales today. Maybe next week.

I also found a new blog that I totally want to share.  French Essence by Vicki Archer, whom I particularly fond of because she spells her first name same as the mama. Living in France, living the dream. I haven’t had a chance to explore completely but I’m hooked thus far.  Her post today, A lazy French Style Sunday, was such a treat to wake up too.  I too dream of Sunday mornings spent catching up on inspirational blogging, pinning, and what nots.

So I leave you this Sunday evening with a single image.  An ode to This Garden of Simple that I covet daily. With summer upon us and lazy days ahead, filled with good music, unique finds, and a future with french.

Source: fairytalesaretrue.com via Kimberly on Pinterest


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