Paris in the Rear View


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One year ago this evening I was flying off to Paris for my first time.  Hubs and I had just finished a marathon move over the holiday weekend and I had only spent one night in our new place before I was whisked off to magic land.  Funny how Paris can make you forget all about the piles of boxes at home that need to be unpacked. I remember sitting in the airport with my mom and Roxanne (Hubby’s step mom) and thinking this is it, it’s finally happening. See, ten years earlier I did my semester abroad in London.  I never went to Paris, as close as it was, I just never made the plans to go.  At the time I was thinking , “Oh I’ll be back. There will be plenty of time for Paris.” And while that statement is true, I did not expect 10 years to go by before I actually made the trip. Regardless, I am extremely grateful that my mother and Rox were able to make it a dream come true. Not to mention one of the many perks to Roxanne’s 40 something years with American Airlines was flying first class on the way there. WOW, right? First class to Paris, very chic chic.

Yesterday while lying in shavasana, during a yoga class, I used the “quiet mind” time to envision myself in my favorite cities of the world.  I haven’t quite mastered this “quiet mind” by any sort of the imagination, so I do just that and that let my imagination visualize the things in my life that I want to achieve or create or just be. Yesterday’s process ended with the idea of guided shopping trips to Paris for my customers. Why not right? I am currently learning the language,  I love to travel and plan the itinerary wherever we go. I manged to find Les Puces de Saint-Ouen (click here for the post on “The Little Fleas”) and have done some research on how to ship items back. I’ve also come across a few Brocante tours in Paris and Normandy that could help us along the way.  How fun would that be? We can stroll through the flea markets of France, acquiring vintage treasures and bric-a-brac. Consort with the locals while drinking wine and eating french cuisine. See the sites, and just come home plain happy.

So who’s comin with me?  Seriously!  There will be plenty of Macaron’s


2 thoughts on “Paris in the Rear View

  1. I will join you there! I have always said to Huy that as soon as he is gone, I am off to Paris for good. I have been dreaming about taking some floral classes in Paris and just might make it happen in the next few years, so can you get your stuff in order so we can be there at the same time?! I would love to do some flea shopping with you in the best city in the world…

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