A Delayed Announcement

Hello lovey’s!!!  I have been neglecting you and I so very much apologize for this.  I don’t know how frequent my posts will be in the coming months, but I will try to stay in touch.  I have been terribly distracted by… well,…a teensy life changing event.  The hubs and I are expecting out first baby in February.  We are very excited!!  Since this is not a blog about babies, I will not go into the details of my, not so fun, first few months.  I am feeling better, but with the holidays coming, I will be very busy with the store and getting into the nesting phase.  I will be posting as much as possible on the store blog, so feel free to follow me there http://blog.purplerosehome.com/.  Since we carry baby items, I will be doing a little about favorite products and what I want, so if you are interested you can follow the Project Baby folder too.

On a final note today. Fall is my favorite holiday and just this week I’ve been craving sweets. Like pumpkin cheesecake, or pumpkin pie, or carrot cake, or anything with pumpkin and cream cheese. LOL.  So I leave with you with this delicious and beautiful fall table.

Source: tomkatstudio.blogspot.com via April on Pinterest


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