Time, Time, Time, is not on my side…

When I started this blog 3 years ago I had an idea that I would spill my guts online.  Then, I started getting really into my career in home decor and I spun the wheels a little changing the theme.  This was when the ball started rolling and I was posting like a mad woman.  The idea of starting a family was a distant notion and I thought I’d be the queen of the bloggosphere.  When I found out I was pregnant last June, I was elated and overwhelmed all at the same time.  My mom was recovering from a medical setback and I was running the show over at The Purple Rose.  I’ll admit, the last thing on my mind from that moment on was anything but baby, and sick.  Oh I spent most of the summer in bed and until the day I had the baby I had no desire for anything but to feel normal and have my body back.  I was definitely not one of those women who loved pregnancy, I didn’t even remotely like it.  Hence the 2 reasons I stopped blogging. 1. I didn’t feel good and 2. It was all about baby.  I just didn’t want this blog to turn into a blog about baby.  The little man is now 5 months old, I’m getting back into work and getting really excited again, and I’m starting to feel “normal” again.  I’m not trying to make this into a sob fest but man, did making that little muffin take a lot out of me.

On a whim I jumped on today to reminisce of the days when I blogged more and loved posting fun finds on Pinterest.  Actually my pinning addiction got worse with newborn baby at home.  I mean what else was I going to do during the late night feedings?!?!  Well when I came to The Garden of Simple blog I saw a slew of broken image links and my heart sunk.  But then it jumped back into my chest because I remembered that I had followers.  You loved me once, you could love me again.  Right?  I can’t promise that I will be posting as often as before, but I’ll try like heck to stay up to date.  I also can’t promise that there wont be some baby content. After all he is part of my life now and my store does offer baby items.  But I’m sure you’ll like it no matter what.

So, do you want to meet him?


Tobe Christopher Reed. Born 1/31/13

Love the Aviator hat? Find it here




Big Plush Giraffe by Little Giraffe here


The Owl Hat here


These were his newborn pictures.  He is 5 Months old now.


Ha Ha!!  He’s well fed as you can see, but he’s a cherub and we love him to pieces.


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