New Home, New Project.

Hello, Hello! Still getting back in the swing of things over here. Going from working 6 days a week to only 4 has been quite a transition. As mentioned before, posting here might be few and far between with all my day to day tasks at The Purple Rose.  Did you see our new website? It just launched last week. purplerosehome.com. I am so happy with it. I’ve been working on the concept for a couple months now and finally it’s ready to go. Got some great new items here, and I will be updating even more, so keep an eye on what I’m doing over there. You can follow us on facebook too, or instagram, or twitter and pinterest. all of which are me posting decor, ideas, inspiration, vignettes from the store and more.  I’ll be posting things like our 15 minutes of fame in the beginning of American Hustle.  Behind Bradley Cooper and Christian Bale is a tufted headboard.  The production company purchased these Eloquence Sophia Headboards from us for their set.  We were super excited. Image

This is me taking a picture of the tv screen so it’s a little fuzzy. The hubs waited patiently while I paused, rewound, paused, rewound, paused… He’s a good sport. Speaking of the hubs.  We bought a house.  This is my other reason for posting. I’m going to show you all my before an afters with tips, tricks and links.  For now, I will show you the outside only. It’s a Main Post and Beam. A LOT of wood. But it’s darling and we love it. Stay tuned.



One thought on “New Home, New Project.

  1. Love it, Kim! Congratulations on the purchase of your new home. I’m can’t wait to see you wonderful style transform it from a house to a HOME! Love you guys. Great post. Lucille


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