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I see blogging in my future…

Oh my god. It has been WAY too long. It’s the New Year and my goal list is a mile long and my plate is fabulously full and I just decided to add one more thing to it… Getting back to this blog. You guys missed me right? I’m not one for resolutions as I believe we should be setting and pushing towards goals everyday, but the start to last year was a bit challenging for me and it continued that way pretty much into early Fall. Then all of a sudden I just let go of what was bogging me down . I know, the suspense is killing you, but I may or may not talk about this at a later date. It’s kind of irrelevant and personal and we are allowed to keep some things to ourselves right? We all have these things and some are better left in the dust. After pulling up my big girl panties and deciding not to let this thing define me, I started to move on and really amazing things started to happen.

Although I haven’t been present here, I have been VERY present over at Purple Rose Home. Being the jack of all trades at a business can be time consuming and gets your head spinning. What’s next, gotta post on social, gotta ad this product or “oh shit” moments. I gotta work on honing in and being a bit more focused, but all the work we put in over there is worth it. We are going to celebrate 19 years in business this year. AMAZING right? This is my 11th year with the company and SOOO much has changed and happened over the years it just blow my mind.

When I started this blog I wanted to be a voice for girls that wanted more. Women that got stuck. Talk about ruts and anxiety of risk and failure. Then I started to overcome those things on my own a bit and decided that 1. no one wants to hear me whine and 2. we are all so fundamentally different and have different belief systems that if I were to tell my story of overcoming some depression or anxiety issues using a more natural approach, someone or many would always have something to counter. Be cause we are humans and we have ego’s and we have this innate need to be right and be heard. Present company included. And I HATE confrontation. I literally freeze up and usually say things that I later regret. I can be pretty strong willed, but I let antagonists get the best of me.

So that’s when I began blogging about home decor and my absolute love for a vintage vibe. You guys loved it. I was on a roll. Then what happened? Remember? I got pregnant. Oops!!! Best best oops to ever happen, but it really took me right off the blogging map. Tobe is going to be 3 end of this month, can you believe it?  I tried to get back to it a couple more times, and nope, just didn’t happen. Being a mom is so rewarding and so exhausting. There, I said it. Stay at home moms are my hero’s. Yes, us working moms respect and appreciate you more than you think. After 2 days in a row at home with my son, I am ready to rearrange all the furniture at the store or add an entire line to the website. In other words, I’m clawing my way out the door. My head spins with all the things I could be doing. I don’t think that changes whether you’re at home or working. My point, I don’t have one except that at this time in my life, the title of my blog is so fitting for my goals.  I want to build brand recognition of Purple Rose to Magnolia status all while balancing my time at home with my son so I can watch him grow and be a part of it.  Simplify but be awesome at the same time.

So that’s what I think this blog is going to be all about. Letting go, saddling up and being honest. I’ll get personal (but not too personal) about what it’s like to run a business and a family, I’ll show you some projects for the store, what inspires me and projects in my own home. This is gonna be fun. Oh and I’ll be revamping the blog with a new look too.

In the meantime, hop on over to our various social channels for Purple Rose Home, cause if I am not here or with my son, I am definitely getting all home decory over there. InstagramFacebook. Twitter. Pinterest.

Ta Ta For Now,



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