About The Garden of Simple

My Mother has told me on countless occasions that I missed my calling.  Although she feels that I am very good at my chosen career path of retail and home decorating, she believes that maybe I should have been a writer.  “Write what” I would ask, most likely in the subtly snippy tone she usually hears from me. “I don’t know, anything, you’re good at it”.  The idea of a book crossed my mind, but what would the topic be.  “My Italian American Grandmother”?  I can just imagine that lengthy title just jumping right off the page, and that would require research, and I don’t have time for research even though I should get some answers before my 90-year-old grandfather passes away.  “My So Called Life”?  Well Claire Danes can thank her career on that title, but not this not so troubled girl.   Plus, my grammar and spelling are terrible and life goes on after a book and I know that I will always have plenty more to say.  The idea was kept in the back of mind and I figured if it is meant to be then the opportunity will present itself at the right time.

While reading a book on social media as research for the store I was inspired to begin this blog.  The Garden of Simple is an Ani Difranco song.   It’s about being who you truly are, putting aside the distractions and stresses of everyday and forgetting about conformity. It’s about making lifestyle choices that make a better you.  You’ll see that I don’t just like one style of anything, and it isn’t because I have A.D.D. or can not focus, it is because I have a passion for life and everything about it makes my mind spin round and round. I am always thinking.  It can be a little detrimental at times too but in the words of a certain spinach eating cartoon sailor “I yam what I yam”.

I am not a fan of just settling because society says so or because some one told me there is no other way.  There is always a way, and while my political views have changed since the first time I laid ears on the littlest folk singer, I still value and respect her ability to express herself through her passion.  That’s what life is all about, finding your passion.  Doing what ever it takes to get there and what ever it may be, if you are happy then everything else will fall into place eventually.

Here I can do my two favorite things.  Be inspired by beautiful home decor, and give an opinion or two about other  aspects of life whenever I feel like it.


2 thoughts on “About The Garden of Simple

  1. I really love your blog, both for its content and what it conveys and stands for.

    “It’s about being who you truly are, putting aside the distractions and stresses of everyday and forgetting about conformity.”
    “That’s what life is all about, finding your passion.”

    So true.

    Your images and text are beautiful and thought-provoking. They are a design reference for creating or planning a new home. They are the seeds for new ideas and directions.

    Keep them coming.


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